Overview of the Divinity Seeds Trilogy

The Author Des Pensable speaks about his creation

Lies, misinformation, deception, coercion, illusion, magic, shape changing are all the standard ingredients in this story set in a post apocalyptic jungle world attached to other strange worlds via magical gateways. The two main characters Aquitain, a male wizard and shape changer with a Jekyl and Hyde character and his partner in chaos, Miranda ,a druid priestess with a magical tattoo that protects much more than her virtue during a chaotic journey.

In book one of the trilogy, Visions of Chaos, Aquitain a young wizard discovers he has a latent ability to shape change. He is forced to leave his home and take shelter on a remote world called Mudrun that has been largely repaired after an apocalyptic magic storm a few hundred years earlier had obliterated it. He joins forces with Miranda to help him escape a bounty hunter following him but become involved in strange series of events involving mysterious little people, shamans, spirits, strange rituals, giant ants and a haunted magical mask.

During these adventures they realize that they are pawns caught up in a deceptive mind game between powerful adversaries that might trigger an ominous prophecy called the Time of Chaos. Their quest ends up a potentially lethal test to survive dangerous situations while being manipulated by the powers through a crazy magical minefield of coercion, intrigue and deception with little more than their wits and the creative use of a ball of clay in delicate situations. 
Through adversity, they are drawn together, pooling their diverse skills and talents, each becoming more dependent and deeply attracted to the other as the story progresses.
Any possibility of a relationship is frustrated by a goddess of nature with a sense of humour and a magical tattoo placed on Miranda when she was a child that acts to keep them apart. As both of the main characters can shape shift to various creatures, such as slimes, jungle cats, snakes, bears and eagles, the story has a Beauty and the Beast aspect but it is sometimes hard to work out who is the beauty and who is the beast.



In book 2 , Agents of Chaos, the two are at first separated by a chance misfortune and while seeking to re-join each other, they are lured through a magic portal to a mysterious gate world called Astaria and beyond to a dark cursed world called Moonmist. There they trigger a cascade of chaotic happenings leading to the release of a powerful dragon spirit, the death of an Agent of Chaos and the unwelcome notice of unfriendly Powers. These events seem to signal the approaching Time of Chaos or do they? Perhaps they are being deceived. Our male hero discoverers his true nature but will he accept it. Will his lover Miranda accept him when she finds out. Things can only get worse before they get better.



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Can I read a few chapters?

If you are interested and keen to try Book 1 of the story you can receive a copy of the first 15% by downloading it from the site at the link below. During October, 2016 the Ebook part 1 is available for US$0.99 and Ebook Part 2 for free .

The story is available as an ebook now.

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Have the other books of the Trilogy been written?

Yes all three books in the trilogy have been written so the story is complete.

The first two books have been released. The ending of the third book is under review as it is intended to write and publish a second trilogy to continue the story to a suitably epic conclusion.

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The Divinity Seeds book 1 was published in March 2015 and book 2 in October , 2016. Book 3 is expected in mid 2017.

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